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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Extra, Extra - Read all about it!

Sorry, bad joke - I had to do it. Today I was an extra in the new Sean Penn movie, "In the Wild." It was not very glamorous, but I did get free food and 75 bucks (Ooh! And I saw the girl who played Donnie Darko's girlfriend!).
Maybe I'll even watch the movie when it comes out.


Blogger Zola58 said...

Good joke, actually!

Okay, so I read about it, but did I read ALL about it? More, more - we're still not satisfied!

75 bucks! We'll put it in the netflix cue right away (under save) so we can see it when it comes out on DVD, and hit "still" when the big moment comes when we can see one third of your face in a crowd.

How big WAS the crowd?

Is Donnie's girlfriend friendly/nice?

Cheers from the Midwest, where African drumming and Tigers rule!


8:01 PM  

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