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Monday, October 09, 2006

Me, you, and the stuffed animals.

I feel like a prop. I'm enthroned upon a pile of communist stuffed animals, dutifully going over my lecture notes (well, I WAS), and a couple herds of prospies walk by. The tour guide points me out, "As you can see, this is where most Reedies spend their time, the library, and there are plenty of stuffed animals here (provided by RKSK) to keep our diligent students comfortable during their long hours in the Hauser Fundome" -- (the Hauser Fundome is our name for the Hauser Library) -- he continues, "Feel free to gawk at the Reedies, you can feed them too, but don't get to close to their mouths - they can get snappish." All the parents sort of chuckle and the prospies gape, wide-eyed, at the real, authentic Reed College Student.


Blogger Zola58 said...

Hmm. Freakin' out the prospies and their parents. Good work! Only the truly 'Reedy' will wannabe after checkin' out Aine among the animals!

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Mairne said...

So . . . did you snap at les pauvre petites? You authentic Kommie animal, you!

4:08 PM  

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